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The Opposite of an Exorcism

In the first episode of season two, we’re back with stories of hauntings and healings for halloween! Mali visits the show to talk about her experiences as a shaman, healer, and former manager of a haunted tattoo shop with a hairless cat on the bathroom counter.

We’re still recording episodes for this season! Do *you* have a #realweird experience to share? Hit us up via email — hey@npnpodcast.com, or on twitter — @npnpodcast!

This season is dedicated to our beloved studio cat and friend, Coco Bear. We love and miss you!

Get to Know the Spoon – Season Finale

It’s the season finale! We’re taking tonight in a slightly different direction than normal, and talking to Mandy about some of the least understood paranormal phenomena out there…the ones that live inside of ourselves. We might even have a #realweird surprise at the end…

Thanks to everyone that’s listened to us this season! We hope you’ve had as much fun as we have. Interested in telling *your* story in season two? Send us an email! hey@npnpodcast.com. Or, as always, reach out on twitter @npnpodcast. 

My Brother Said He Saw It Too

Issac visits today’s show to talk about a visitation of his own…from the unknown. Was it a bird? Was it a plane? Did it even happen at all? We’ll talk to Isaac about everything from his favorite alien movies, to Arnold Schwarzenegger, to the ephemerality of memory and why he’s not sure if he can trust even himself.

Have you ever seen something unexplainable? Did other people see it too? Let us know on twitter @npnpodcast with the hashtag #realweird!

…Another One

In this super-sized episode for Halloween, we talk to Vera about her lifetime of paranormal encounters. Invisible creatures, demons, disembodied voices…this is a great one to get yourself spooked!

Have you ever seen a demon? Heard something you couldn’t place the source of? Let us know on twitter @npnpodcast with the hashtag #realweird!

Ghost Confetti, Ghost Parade

On tonight’s show we talk about life as a freelancer, his cute lil’ pup, and oh yeah, that time a bunch of ghosts took over his apartment and threw a party.

Have ghosts ever taken over your house? Do you want them to? Let us know on twitter @npnpodcast with the hashtag #realweird.

Images referenced in the show:
Will’s alarm clock — https://npnpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/wills-alarm-clock.jpg
Will’s apartment — https://npnpodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/wills-apartment.png

Goodwill Haunting

Jamie visits the show tonight with stories of a former life…as a high school sales-clerk at a suburban Goodwill. We’ll talk with her about overpriced jeans, used perfume bottles, and other cursed objects.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen in a thrift shop? Do things still belong to us after we die? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @npnpodcast, with the hashtag #realweird.

Legit EMF

Tonight’s guest is Jessica, an amazing designer and house DJ from the SF Bay. We’ll talk about her new apartment, her family’s haunted daycare, and her time as part of a rag tag group of teens in an 80’s horror flick.

Did your family own haunted property? Did *you* terrorize your neighborhood? Share your thrilling story with us — @npnpodcast on Twitter!

Fuzz Dolphin

Tonight we welcome our good friend and boutique-guitar-accessory-slinger, Albert, to the show! We’ll talk about his spooky experiences growing up, why he still can’t sleep with the door open, and his love of Cici’s Pizza. It’s a good one, folx, so give a listen if you dare!

As always, we’d love to hear YOUR stories. Give us a shout at @npnpodcast on Twitter!

The Knights Templar of Nebraska


On our very first episode, we chat with Art Director and general rad human Andrea about her sightings in the glorious plains of Nebraska. We’ve got your ghosties. We’ve got your aliens. We’ve got your…Chihuly sculptures? What are we even talking about? Do we even know? Listen and find out! And then tweet at us and let us know what you think :).

Mega ultra Bigfoot-sized special thanks to our friend Luke Pettipoole for writing, and his band The Envy Corps for performing, our IN.CRED.I.BLE. theme music.

Trailer – Season One

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